For those dogs that have a sense of adventure or endless amounts of energy! Our team takes small groups of dogs on an off-road adventure to various wooded areas with hiking trails. Each hike is chosen based on closest proximity to reduce travel time although often we like to head to a new spot for a change of scenery.  Some favorite locations include Wompatuck State Park in Norwell, Whitney-Thayer Woods in Cohasset, World’s End in Hingham, Norris Reservation in Norwell, Whiton Woods in Duxbury.

Backyard Romp

Hiking not your thing?  How about a quick 20 minute potty break in the yard or a short walk through the neighborhood?  This service is primarily booked by clients with very young pups or older dogs who can’t make it the whole workday or are not able to head out on a long hike.  We will provide lots of playtime if needed, snuggles and big fresh bowl of water with a few treats to keep your pup happy!

Overnight Boarding

Everyone loves a sleepover! Your dog will become part of our family while you are away. With free roam of the house and a nice warm bed to sleep on he or she is sure to have a pleasant and stress free stay. Our team loves to have dogs stay for the weekend or longer! We provide travel to and from so you have one less thing to think about prior to your trip.  Plenty of exercise and lots of snuggles included.

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