Our Story

It was back in the late 90's while I was in college at Suffolk University in Boston and was looking for a part time job when I noticed the many dog-walkers along the city streets.  I automatically thought "that is the job for me."  Having grown up with a menagerie of pets that included many German Shepard's, I was a dog lover at heart.  That plus my need to be outdoors and active seemed the perfect combo for the job.  I worked with a Beacon Hill company for many years and graduated with a business degree in management yet continued to walk dogs because I loved it so much. I still have a scrapbook from those days and I enjoy flipping through it and telling my kids stories of each of my favorite dogs.  Years went by and I eventually moved to the South Shore and started a family and made the choice to stay at home to raise my children.  Last year when all of my children were off to school full time I decided it was time to start my own company doing what I loved.  I wanted to combine my love of dogs with my love of being in the woods.  There are no words to describe how you feel after a good long excursion on the trails and the dogs feel it too!  This is one of the many reasons we have become so successful, we are doing something different.   Dogs Go Hiking has grown quickly and I am so happy to have such wonderful clients and an amazing team of hikers that work with me!

To the left are two photos from my dog-walking days on Beacon Hill.

The first photo shows me on Myrtle Street with Nicholas the Beagle, Soca the Tibetan Terrier, Tammy and Anthony the Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and one of my favorites Clancy the Wheaten Terrier.

The second photo is taken behind the State House and I have Max the Dalmatian, Saxon the Springer Spaniel, Pepper the Black Lab, Tango the Weimaraner and again one of my favorites (who bit me in the face my first day on the job - but we became the best of friends) Monty who was a Shepard mix.

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